Vehicle Performance Tuning

Vehicle Performance Tuning

We are able to tune both stock and performance enhanced vehicles.

Vehicle Performance Tuning increases many aspects of the cars day to day driving feel, this can be accomplished in many ways. Allowing for the greatest performance potential, whilst always maintaining safety and reliability, and efficiency.

Fuel Economy Remaps

We can remap your car to provide better economy overall, this will save you money and can also increase performance.

Performance Remaps

If you are purely after performance, we can remap your vehicle to get the maximum BHP and torque.

Additional Options and Remaps

We are also able to do EGR removal, speed limit removal and rev limit removal.

Performance chips

Which are plug and play and then modified to suit the customer’s needs, these can be removed if car is still under motor plan with no trace at all, great for those wanting a little more from their new vehicles, but not willing to give up their motor plan.


This is the rewriting of the stock ecu with new parameters, refining your car to the everyday conditions it sees, this increases its performance and fuel economy, tuning can also help cars with more upgrades such as turbos, intakes, water meth kits, etc. This is one of the most commonly used forms of modifying cars in today’s market

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