Vehicle Performance Upgrades

Vehicle Performance Upgrades

At Intent Performance, we are able to supply and install a wide variety of solutions custom to each vehicles specifics. These will be dependent on what you are looking to get out of your car and if you want to do minor upgrades to your vehicle, or go all out. Below you can see everything that we can do to assist you in reaching your vehicle performance upgrades goals.

Air Intake

Cost effective performance part for your car. This reduces the temperature of the incoming air by drawing air from outside engine bay. It also reduces restrictions in the path of the airflow. It can contribute to an increase in power.

Exhaust System

High performance exhaust systems have a direct effect on engine performance and engine power. The quicker and easier you can get exhaust gasses out the more air and fuel you can get into the engine to increase power.

Cylinder Heads

Upgrading your cylinder heads will potentially yield an increase in power. Modifying the intake and exhaust ports to improve the quality and quantity of the airflow. Stiffer valve springs also allow the engine to rev higher safely.

Fuel Injectors

The Bigger your injector nozzle the more fuel you can supply your engine with, This comes into play when you have increased the airflow through an engine and the oem ( stock) fuel system can no longer keep up.

Performance Chips

Chip tuning refers to adding a piggy back system to the original ecu harness. This can result in more power, cleaner emissions or better fuel efficiency. We offer performance chips that will allow your vehicle maximum power within the safety
Margins, while also improving the fuel economy.


This is an air pump that forces air into the engine. More air in the combustion chamber means more power. Similar to a turbocharger as it acts as an air pump, the only difference is that a supercharger is a mechanically driven pump whereas the turbocharger uses the power of hot exhaust gases. These provide little lag ( instant) power but are limited.


Basically a supercharger, but its driven by a turbine that’s powered by the engines exhaust gases. It supplies compressed air to the engines intake manifold so that increased fuel can be used for combustion, these are more common on today’s cars, creating more efficient power delivery compared to the supercharger.


Camshafts regulate the accurately timed injection of fuel. Performance camshafts have increased lift and duration this allowing more air into the combustion chamber at any given time.

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